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There are many stories about Adolf Hitler, leader of the National Socialist German Workers Party, but the truth about his lifestyle and personal life is highly sought after information. It is suggested that he had a number of ailments throughout his life that gradually worsened during World War II, including Parkinson's, syphilis, and irritable bowel syndrome and skin lesions. Due to these conditions he took many medications in order to help control them. In addition to these medications it has also been suggested that Hitler had a growing addiction to the drug methamphetamine and received regular injections from his doctor.
On the surface Hitler was Image By: e-MagineArt.comextremely health conscious and as a vegetarian he regularly tried to convince comrades of its benefits. In reality he relied heavily on drug use and is even suggested to have used cocaine. His troops frequently relied on the use of Pervitin, a drug known as speed today, turning them into the ideal soldiers because of its effects of increased concentration and risk-taking, reduced sensitivity and fatigue.
The speculation surrounding Hitler and his habits is largely due to the need for people to assign a cause to his behavior. There is also a great deal of conjecture regarding Hitler's psychological status, not least due to his hypochondriac status and chronic drug use. His doctor, Morell, administered anything that Hitler required and is said to also have been a particularly strange character, keeping samples of peculiar things, like peasant feces. It is even suggested that he injected Hitler with bull semen. The mixtures of drugs that were administered would often contradict each other, with the painkillers working as a laxative and the drugs for his irritable bowel syndrome working against this. There was even a suggestion that Hitler was being poisoned, as he had so many ailments that this was the natural conclusion. The reality of Hitler's lifestyle will always be of interest to the public as he is such an infamous character, but 100% of the truth may never be known.

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