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It is a little known fact that women played a significant role in the armies of all countries battling against each other in the Second World War. As the military troops used up the rapidly depleting resources, there had to be people making and repairing new clothing, food and weapons. Lots jobs were left untaken since many men left to join the forces, thus placing women in non-traditional work roles, like truck drivers.
Image By: BiblioArchives / LibraryArchivesLand girls – The name given to women ploughing the fields in the WLA or Women's Land Army. Farms were left empty handed during both world wars and the WLA did attract a large number of members before its close in 1950. Workers and volunteers, many of these women were country-born natives, while over a third of field hands were attracted from the big cities, including London. The agency was created as the government's initiative to grow enough food for the army and the country in case of depletion due to the effects of war. Land Girls was there given name.
Auxiliary Territorial Service – Unmarried women were called upon after 1940 to join the ATS to do different service jobs for the military. These women between the ages of 20 and 30 took positions that the army was finding could not be filled, such as aircraft operators, military police or gun and machinery operation. A small number were sent with assignments abroad to France and Germany. Although by 1943, some married women were recruited, others who were pregnant or with small children were not permitted to join. Still existing today, the ATS formed part of the Women's Royal Army Corps in 1949.

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