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Yugoslavia houses a considerable number of memorials dedicated to the Second World War that commemorate battles and sites where concentration camps were built. Although Yugoslavia's people at that time were comprised of mixed support for Hitler and its Russian allies, its prime minister of the sixties and seventies wanted to commemorate these pivotal places from that time. The effort to do this is greatly shown. Designers and architects alike have come up with many elaborate structures, like these to name a few:
Image By: (Mick Baker)roosterPetrova Gora looks like a replica of fingers on a hand. Steps lead up to a centre where you see the structure is made of a grey stone material.
Jasenovac is a very tall monument towering over its neighbouring trees. Sadly, it has experienced some vandalism as two lover's names are artfully painted on the side. Do not be fooled by a circular appearance as the sculpture is surrounded by spiked columns.
Knin gives a desolate feeling. Housed on what seems like a small hill, this sculpture is made up the remnants of a tank. The structure is skeletal with wires hanging off its sides.
Kamenska is also white and grey in colour and appears to be grouped columns of stones together jetting out of the ground.
None of the sculptures appear to be marked with a title, date or dedication. They are merely there. Since the 1990s Yugoslavia officially lost its statehood and these monuments do not have one home. They share their home with Bosnia, Serbia, Slovenia, Croatia and Herzegovina. Many patriotic visitors from the 1980s were regarding its beauty while now there are just artefacts waiting to be discovered. If governments do not claim them, they will have to wait until someone does.

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