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Life in Britain was difficult during the Second World War, as it was for most of the world during that calamitous time. However, in comparison to the years of the Great Depression a few years before, life was good. Food was distributed despite the rationing, and many people who had suffered greatly during the Depression found that they were able to thrive under the conditions facing Britain during the Second World War. The fact that they got food, however tight the rations were, was new to some people who were used to suffering and hardship.Image By: smiteme
Food rationing started in 1940, and the rations per person were fairly limited. This is shown through the fact that many people only got 12 ounces of sugar, four ounces of butter, four ounces of bacon, and two eggs per person every week, but they were content due to the fact that they got food. The rationing of meat began in March of 1940, as were many dried and canned foods. Most of the children, older than 5, were required to have ration books to ensure that only the correct amount of food was being handed out.
A special black market selling foodstuffs arose in the UK, especially for members of the Jewish community looking to purchase kosher food. Many companies and government workplaces had no concept of kosher food and why it was important to the Jewish people, so a part of Jewish had to obtain their food needs by trading their non-kosher food for the foods of their neighbours.
The cost of sweets drastically increased as the end of the war approached, mainly because chocolate, sugar, cocoa, and milk were becoming more expensive. Sweets were also rationed in Britain, and people were restricted to eating only 3 ounces of sweets every week. Distasteful children's “iron rations” were common near the end of the war, as these nutrition–rich food packets were readily available to provide children with the important nutrients needed to remain healthy.

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