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While there are many events that have shaken the world, none has affected the world so profoundly as August 6th and August 9th, 1945. These are the days that the United States of America dropped the two atomic bombs on the cities of Hiroshima and Nagasaki in Japan and the world has never been the same since as a result of the success of atomic weapons.

For the six months prior to August 6th, 1945, the American army and navy had been bombing Japan. Sixty seven Japanese cities received the fire-bombing that pounded the Japanese cities to so much rubble. The United States, United Kingdom, and China tried to force surrender from Japan with the Potsdam Declaration, but Japan refused to listen.
Harry S. Truman was the President that ordered the two bombs to be dropped on Japan. The “Little Boy” nuclear bomb was dropped on Hiroshima on the 6th of August, with the “Fat Man” nuclear bomb being dropped in Nagasaki three days later on the 9th of August. These bombings are the only two instances in history when nuclear weapons have been actively deployed, and the world rocked from the consequences of the bombing.
It is estimated that between 90,000 and 166,000 people were killed in Nagasaki and between 60,000 to 80,000 in Hiroshima within the first 2-4 months following the bombing, with half of the casualties suspected to have been caused on the first day. Local authorities suspect that, of the people who died on August 6th and 9th, respectively:
  • 60% were killed by flame or flash burns
  • 30% were killed by debris falling after the explosion
  • 10% died of other causes
6 days after the bombs were dropped on these two Japanese cities, Japan surrendered and officially ended the war in the Pacific and the Second World War.

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